Planner / 计划员
公司名称:斯凯孚(上海)轴承有限公司 招聘人数:1
  发布日期:2019-01-10 工作地点:上海-浦东新区  

Job Summary:

This position takes charge of the planning tasks for material, production and shipment, to ensure good service level to customers.


Job Responsibilities:

1. Manage customer forecast (monthly, quarterly, half-year and yearly forecast) with efficient communication with Sales team and Customer.

2. Generate production plan, review and adjust production plan according to production status, finish goods, stock level, order status and rolling forecast, to ensure the good service level.

3. Purchasing proposal review and release order to supplier for direct materials, regularly follow up to ensure supplier’s deliveries, ensure the efficient and timely delivery of materials.

4. Plan and arrange the shipment, ensure on time delivery to customer.

5. Update and maintain the database related to planning.

6. Work together with Sales team and customer on commercial issues as needed.

7. Take other tasks related to planning as assigned.


Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor Degree, major in Mechanical Engineering or related is preferred.

2. At least five years planning experience, at least two years planning experience in manufacturing environment.

3. Meet the requirements of SKF performance behaviour, including outside-in, accountability, empowerment, team work, openness, high ethics, and be willing to continuously improve personal performance behaviour

4. Mature, systematic thinking, has business acumen, customer-oriented

5. Good at communication, coordination and planning

6. Good data analysis skills and problem solving skills

7. Mature, high sense of responsibilities, initiative, willing to go an extra mile

8. Available for short term travel as required

9. Good command of both English and Chinese

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