Senior Customer Service, Auto
公司名称:斯凯孚(中国)有限公司 招聘人数:若干
  发布日期:2019-01-21 工作地点:上海-黄浦区  


- Work as customer logistics order and forecast window and transfer customer demand to production planning precisely and on time.

- Make proper daily, weekly delivery plan based on customer order and forecast, make sure 100% on time delivery.

- Gather all related information to analyze customer forecast and make properly estimation and adjustment.

- Gather monthly forecast from customer and make waterfall monthly.

- Trace customer order and forecast fluctuation and inform material planning and production planning in time.

- Monitor, follow up, report accurate inventory levels and 3rd warehouse and con-trol the inventory level.

- Monitor, follow up, report accurate inventory levels in customer side.

- Involve new project and attend related meeting, get proper launch plan from project team.

- Get product EOP information from sales, customer or other channel, execute EOP procedure strictly to control dead stock.

- Receive and follow up logistics issues and complaint from customer.

- Ensure all data including inventory data accurate and on time., control EOP and ECN project inventory properly.


- Bachelor or above in business studies or equivalent

- At least 5 years working experience in automotive industry

- Solid Knowledge and experience of order handling and forecast management, production planning experience is a plus

- Qualified PC skills especially in handling data processing and word processing

- Good interpersonal, communication and coordination skill

- Fluency in English and Mandarin

- Knowledge in business and commercial field

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