EHS Manager
公司名称:斯凯孚(上海)汽车技术有限公司 招聘人数:1
  发布日期:2019-01-23 工作地点:上海-嘉定区  

Position: Environmental Process Manager

Reporting To: China EHS Manager

Key responsibilities:

The job holder, working as the environmental responsible on Country EHS team of SKF China, will be responsible for ensuring Corporate environmental compliance and performance throughout SKF China; driving, supporting and coordinating environmental initiatives and programs that help achieve Group and China EHS Strategy and Objectives; establishing and maintaining the highest environmental standards for the Corporate and operating sites; enhancing overall environmental awareness and competence throughout the organization; and leading and developing the Environmental Community to form a strong base for championing and supporting environmental performance of the whole organization.

  • Ensure compliance at Corporate and operation levels with national environmental policy, legislations, regulations and standards, as well as Group and China environmental policy and requirements. Escalate outstanding issues to immediate manager for management attention and decision;
  • Drive improvement of environmental performance in manufacturing in terms of general/hazardous wastes, air/CO2 emissions, waste water effluent, resources utilization, and other aspects that will support in achieving Group and China EHS Objectives;
  • Acquire, analyze and forecast the trend of national environmental legislation and policy on solid basis of researched evidence, and propose on the countermeasures that will influence the Corporate development strategy;
  • Research on international conventions and agreements in environmental field, and discover the interlink with Group policy and national development strategy, initiatives and action plans;
  • Ensure technical deliverables to local operating units, and provide feasible technical support for local implementation of environmental initiatives and projects in waste reduction, effluent improvement, emission mitigation and resource conservation;
  • Take proactive measures to prevent environmental incidents and provide support and consultation in environment related crisis handling process. Develop and maintain good relationship with MEP and environmental service providers;
  • Execute environmental parameters reporting routines and implement trend and deviation analysis for improvement opportunities. Ensure accuracy and integrity of environmental metrics in Group Sustainability Auditing process;
  • Lead in Corporate level projects and major local projects to improve environmental performance. Prioritize projects and propose justified budgets;
  • Support and guide project environmental permitting, including EIA, environmental protection design review, EIA approval, Environmental Final Acceptance monitoring, Environmental Final Acceptance, and Pollutant Discharge Permit;
  • Work across functions to support or drive in environmental subject matters;
  • Plan and execute environment related trainings, competence development, awareness enhancement within organization;
  • Conduct internal environmental assessment in M&A, investment and divestment projects, and facilitate Due Diligence investigation in all phases, including soil and underground water surveys;
  • Plan and execute environmental conformity surveys and audits independently or as part of Group Policy Audits;
  • Collaborate with Quality and support in the verification process of substance compliance. Utilize life cycle concept to seek opportunity for integration of environmental performance into business process;
  • Assist in the setup of environmental requirements and specifications for suppliers in collaboration with Purchase and Responsible Sourcing teams, and provide support in their enforcement so as to assure supply chain security;
  • Support in the handling process of environmental affairs of customers in collaboration with Customer Service and Sales teams;
  • Host environmental community and develop the overall competence in the environmental area within China organization;
  • Interact and cooperate with Group Sustainability and EHS teams, and play an active part in the Group EHS Network contributing with wisdom and good practices. Precisely interpret and properly localize Group strategy and requirements in China;
  • Develop toolkits, approaches and procedures for China operating units to facilitate relevant work in the environmental field;
  • Execute and drive other work, spontaneously or directedly, that serves environmental compliance performance and objectives achievement;
  • Work closely and collaboratively with other subject matter owners within Country EHS team to improve overall EHS performance within China organization;
  • Supervise EHS management and performance of allocated operation sites.

Required Profile:

  • Passion to achieve world-class environmental performance;
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and manage multiple tasks;
  • Outside-in, innovative and result-orientation mindset;
  • Strong can-do spirit and leadership competency;
  • Active learning, open-minded, and positively willing to share;
  • Good team building and people development skills;
  • Good facilitation, training and coaching ability and techniques;
  • Good ability to work in a collaborative way with all relevant stakeholders and seek aligned interests;
  • Good presentation, communication and negotiation skills;
  • Strong investigative and precise attitude as well as analytical ability;
  • Very acute in sustainability, environmental, legal and policy trend;
  • Strong risk prevention mindset rather than reaction.

Skills, Education & Experience

  • Bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Environmental/Ecological Management, Sustainable Development, or relevant field. Master degree is a privilege;
  • Minimum of 8 years of MNC experience in the environmental field, preferred in MFG industry, 3-5 years on management position in Central function;
  • Education and/or work experience abroad in environmental related field is a plus;
  • Certified Environmental Professional (CEP), Professional Engineer-Environmental (PEE) or similar career certification strongly preferred;
  • Certified ISO 14001 Internal Auditor, Certified Lead Auditor (CCAA/IEMA/IRCA) preferred. Knowledge and experience in other relevant EHS standards (ISO50001/SA8000/OHSAS18001 or new ISO 45001) is a plus;
  • Knowledge and/or experience in developed environmental jurisdiction (EU/US) is a strong plus;
  • Good English skill in all dimensions, and fluency in speaking and listening is desired;
  • Experience with MEE (formal MEP) and regional MEP authorities;
  • Handful and proven experience of environmental protection and upgrade projects. Know-hows of environmental protection facility and process design is a strong plus;
  • Experience in environmental performance management and tracking systems;
  • Knowledge in Substance Compliance (e.g. RoHS, REACh, California 65, GADSL, etc.) and/or Life Cycle Analysis is a plus.

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