Planning Manager
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  发布日期:2018-11-19 工作地点:大连-金州区  

KEY RESPONSIBILITIESInclude but not limited

  • Collect and analyze the company level major customer forecast

  • Monitor deviations and reconcile with the related MTO(Make to Order)/MTS(Make to Stock) channels to understand the causes of variation and take action

  • Identify the major gap on resources to fulfil the volume planned, and take lead to work on it

  • Monitor the whole group planning, including channels loading, special procurement issue, important customer forecast, other department coordination

  • Conduct volume planning for related channels

  • Be responsible for the planning KPIs, such as availability failure, broken promise, inventory etc

  • Cooperate closely with Production manager to fulfill the production delivery target.

  • Supplier capacity planning and analysis

  • Work with GPU to understand the significant changes in demand trends and proactively manage supplier capacity

  • Responsible for supply chain planning improvement activities

  • Supply chain competence development in the responsible group

  • Manage all EHS things in team

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