Support Champion- Application Process Support
公司名称:斯凯孚(中国)有限公司 招聘人数:1
  发布日期:2019-01-21 工作地点:上海  

Job purpose:

  • Responsible for providing extended application & process support, securing services are provided to expected quality and speed, driving improvements within the support organization including managing availability and it spend budget for regional owned local applications (if applicable)


Responsibility and Authority


  • To provide advanced end user support to the user community i.e. answer process related questions and support in managing issues.

  • To resolve reported issues and escalate to appropriate forum if necessary.

  • To participate in project work such as development and roll out activities / implementations.

  • To perform Business assessment / improvement work.

  • To be able to support several process flows across integrated applications.

  • To develop and document Best Practice, Service Catalogue and FAQ.

  • Participate in user-acceptance test as required.

  • To act as an Application Support Lead, and / or IT System Owner for Local Applications (if applicable).

  • To promote group IT value to the business

  • To provide mentorship to Support Specialists

  • To follow management instructions and procedures; to report Environment Health and Safety (EHS) risks and EHS related incidents; to follow quality specifications and requirements, and identify quality risks and opportunities for improvement.

  • To participate in project work such as development and roll out activities / implementations (if applicable and appropriate).

  • To assist in performing Business assessment / improvement work.

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