Technical Learning Manager
公司名称:斯凯孚(中国)有限公司 招聘人数:若干
  发布日期:2019-01-21 工作地点:上海-黄浦区  

Job Responsibilities:

1、Strategic thinking on technical competency development to business development;

2、Proactive cooperation with stakeholders to understand the real technical development needs in short and long term;

3、Working together with related experts to transform these needs into overall technical competency roadmap design and excellent learning/training solutions;

4、Evaluate the business and performance impact of these technical development solutions and report/present results to the related internal stakeholders and gain support/sponsor from them;

5、Implement the learning/training program with high quality and evaluate the effectiveness during and after the programs;

6、Develop and maintain positive relationships with SKF China internal stakeholder, facilitators and external vendors, etc.;

7、Coordinate with global college, technical academy, global experts, etc. on specific technical learning/training program development, localization, implementation and follow-up activity;

8、Technical certificating and levelling management and technical knowledge management in SKF China and as part of SKF Group;

9、Internal Technical Trainer management and development;

10、Perform other functions and duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above, preferably majored in mechanics, engineering, preferred working experience in the project management internally or at international companies;

2、High sense of responsibility and integrity;

3、Devote to develop people with high empathy and passion;

4、Have excellent oral and written communication skills including strong interpersonal skills, facilitation and presentation skills;

5、Flexibility, initiative and commitment in an environment of rapid change and challenge;

6、Good Teamwork spirits and openness;

7、Rich experience in bearing industry is preferred;

8、Fluent in Mandarin and English.

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