Legal Intern
公司名称:斯凯孚(中国)销售有限公司 招聘人数:1
  发布日期:2019-01-31 工作地点:上海-黄浦区  


1. At least 3 days per week;
2. From reputable law school;
3. Good command of English;
4. Solid understanding of Chinese business law and latest commercial law and practice development
5. Good legal reasoning competency
6. Team work spirit; hard working; self-motivated
7. Focus on details
8. Previous intern experience with reputable law firm or foreign company is a plus
9. Good understanding of international trade law is a plus

The intern will assist in, among others:
1. Legal administrative work for contracts reviewing and various cooperate projects;
2. Intensive company filing related work;
3. Intensive legal research and case study in context of Chinese law and international trade law;

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