斯凯孚(上海)汽车技术有限公司,SKF(Shanghai)Automotive Technologies Co., Ltd, 简称SKF ATC,成立于2005年底,是瑞典斯凯孚集团在华的独资子公司。公司坐落于上海市嘉定区安亭国际汽车城零部件配套工业园区,占地面积约两万五千平方米,建筑面积一万七千平方米。目前拥有正式员工约500名。







持续改进的理念不能松懈,公司全体员工在精益之路途中勇往直前。我们有理由相信, 并充满期待,ATC全体员工的努力,将加速其各方面目标的实现,使之成为集团内最优秀的示范工厂!




SKF(Shanghai)Automotive Technologies Co., Ltd.(“ATC” for short), established at the end of 2005, is a wholly owned by SKF Group. ATC covers an area of 25,000 square meters with 17,000 square meters construction area located in Shanghai International Auto Town Spare Parts Industrial park and has total headcount of over 500 employees currently.

The main business of ATC is hub bearing units including HBU generation 1, HBU generation 2 and HBU generation 3, Small Taper Roller Bearing (STRB), suspension bearing etc.

ATC has good relationship with famous automobile manufacturers from home and abroad that features long-tem stability and mutual benefit. Our main customers are Shanghai General Motor, DPCA, Chongqing Ford, SAIC Motor, Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen, Wuhu Cherry and Shenyang Brilliance etc.

Well equipped with advanced hardware equipments, including bearing manufacturing machine, and testing equipments of SKF global testing center, ATC also possessed a highly qualified team of production, quality, technology and management.

In 2009, we achieved TS16949 certificate for Automotive Quality Management System from Lloyd’s successfully. In the same year, we passed the audit of DNV for our ISO14001 Environment Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System. ATC is certified to Ford Q1 in Nov 2011 as well.

We not only focus on quality and management excellence, but also our highly sense of responsibility. We continuously contribute to the environment protection, sustainable development and social responsibility, exceeding all parties’ requirements and expectations.

In line with SKF vision and mission, all ATC employees are working on overall continuous improvements and 6 sigma projects, making our efforts to pursue manufacturing excellence in terms of five zeros: zero accident, zero defects, zero broken promise, zero loss and zero waste. It keeps ATC up and always gives an outstanding performance among Car Chassis factories of Automotive Division in SKF.

Never stop improving! All ATC members are heading for Manufacturing Excellence with combatant spirit. We strongly believe and looking forward to seeing that with all efforts, ATC will reach the target very soon, “Be the best factory in SKF Automotive Division!”

With the expansion of customer demand, our existing production capacity will face a big challenge. Now we are going to start up our 2nd phase project in a newly-bought land. The new project will cover a new plant for ATC production and expansion of GTCC. And will be finished by end of 2013. Let’s wait and see the splendid future of ATC and SKF group!


No. 328 Yuanguo Road, Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai
仓库管理员(工厂) 上海-嘉定区 2021-09-26
电工/Electrical Technician 上海-嘉定区 2021-09-23
公共设施主管Facility Supervisor 上海-嘉定区 2021-09-21
公用工程技术员 上海-嘉定区 2021-09-17
机械工程师 上海-嘉定区 2021-09-17
Electrical Engineer 电气工程师 上海-嘉定区 2021-09-17
机修工 上海-嘉定区 2021-09-17
Software Product Engineer, ESM 上海-嘉定区 2021-09-04
Project Leader 项目主管 上海-嘉定区 2021-08-26
测试技术员 上海-嘉定区 2021-08-26
生产班长 上海-嘉定区 2021-08-26
生产主管 上海-嘉定区 2021-08-26
实验室计量主管 Metrology Supervisor 上海-嘉定区 2021-08-26
计量工程师 Metrology Engineer 上海-嘉定区 2021-08-26
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